Teen Exercise Discourages Smoking

I still have those friends that started smoking when they were teenagers and were never able to kick the habit. It’s sad to think the mistakes that we made when were so young could bring early death. Smoking is like walking on a health tightrope and for many teens by the time they realize their mistake, theyre addicted and cant kick the habit.

According to an article in , teen exercise may actually discourage smoking. A new study in the journal found that teen smoking cessation programs may be aided by an emphasis on exercise because it helps with withdrawal symptoms and takes the edge off.

The rate of success was 10 percent higher when exercise and advice on exercise were added to traditional smoking cessation programs, going from 21 percent to 31 percent. In boys, the rate went from 18 percent to 37 percent when exercise was added. And its really simple to add exercise to traditional teen-based programs,

While the rate of teen smoking had been declining, according to the CDC, that decline has stalled. This is important when you consider that eighty percent of U.S. adult smokers begin before the age of 18.

And reducing teen obesity could use a major boost as well. The percentage of adolescents aged 12 to 19 years who were obese increased from 5 percent to 18 percent over the past thirty years. Thats a huge rate. This is a win-win both for kicking smoking early and for teaching our teens to be active while we still can.

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