Regular Outdoor Time Softens ADHD Symptoms

The correlation between ADHD and diet has become more and more clear. One recent study found that for 64 percent of kids, the symptoms of ADHD could be cured through diet. Specifically, salicylates (a pesticide added to some food plants), and other food additives like sulfites, artificial sweeteners, and MSG, caused major issues in susceptible kids.

But a new study is showing that time spent outdoors can also have a positive impact on kids with ADHD. According to , a study that followed more than 400 kids with ADHD, found a link between routine play settings and the disorder.

According to :

Those who regularly play in outdoor settings with lots of green (grass and trees, for example) have milder ADHD symptoms than those who play indoors or in built outdoor environments, the researchers found. The association holds even when the researchers controlled for income and other variables.

Take into account that over 5 million children in this country are diagnosed with ADHD and of those children, 3 million are medicated each year. ADHD is a problem with inattentiveness, over-activity, impulsivity, or a combination. It’s the most commonly diagnosed disease among kids, in fact between 3 and 5 percent of kids are said to have it.

To think that 3 million kids are medicated when both diet and free time seem to really impact overall outcome. Consider also, how so many of our children are nature deprived, spending much of their time overbooked, playing video games, or watching television. This is proof positive of how important time spent outside is to a growing child. Thats not to say that some kids dont need to be medicated. But if you could avoid it, especially at such a young age, wouldnt you?

“On the whole, the green settings were related to milder overall symptoms than either the ‘built outdoors’ or ‘indoors’ settings,” study author Faber Taylor said.

I’ll take it.

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