New Healthy Meal Plan

Good morning!  I’ve got an exciting week planned.  I’m going to have a few new vegetable dishes to share that my kids enjoyed. I’m also going to post a Halloween idea, a bean cooking lesson, and finally one more healthy freezer meal.  (See what I did here? I am committing myself to writing these posts by putting it out there. Now I have to do it!).

In the News

Apparently I missed the official day, but I have noticed in my local grocery store Ad’s saying “!”  I LOVE this message!  I believe eating dinner as a family has so many positive benefits, including as this message says, prevent drunk driving! 

So, here it is, another meal plan for you to use, re-arrange, or just look at say, “Amy- You’re crazy, you think I want to spend that much time in the kitchen??”

Healthy Meal Plan

Breakfast</span> Lunch </span> Snack</span> Dinner</span> Monday</span> with fruitChicken and spinach salad wrapPoached eggs with asparagus (vegetarian) Tuesday</span> Corn Salsa and pita breadChicken with artichokes and mushrooms Wednesday</span> Southwestern chicken with spinach and mashed potatoes Thursday</span> Carrot sticks and peanut butterChili Friday</span>

I’m trying out a new meal planning program called .  You can either add the recipes manually, or import recipes from a huge list of recipe sites.  I imported all but two of the recipes, which I entered manually. 

After you have recipes you want to use, all you need to do is drag and drop them onto the calendar.  When you go to print, you can see the calendar, ALL the recipes, and a shopping list, all on one printout.

So, here is a screen shot of the meals for the week:

This is a screen shot of the whole web page:

For more free s visit the archives.

* ONE MORE THING!  I just posted our review of here.

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