Man Sues White Castle Because the Booths Are Too Small

One White Castle regular is angry that the booths just arent big enough. Martin Kessman filed a lawsuit in Manhattan Federal Court last week claiming that he had repeatedly asked the White Castle in Nanuet, N.Y. to increase their booth sizes so that he could comfortably fit.

He says its a violation of his civil rights as an over weight individual. He claims the eatery told him that they were going to renovate the seating so that larger people could sit, according to .

“They sent me specs and everything, about how the booths were going to be enlarged and made comfortable for people with a little more weight. So two and a half years went by, and nothing was done,” he told the , seen on .

He’s citing the Americans With Disabilities Act in the lawsuit. What do you think? Should fast food restaurants have to cater to their larger customers? And as obesity grows at an uncontrollable rate, are businesses obligated to cater to the obese? Let us know on Facebook.

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