Here’s Liz Atwood with this week’s Tween Tuesday:

A Texas couple was demonized by the media last week for not giving a souvenir baseball to a little boy at a Rangers baseball game. The 3-year-old started crying when the couple next to him caught the ball. Announcers called the couple heartless. The Rangers team gave him another ball.

Later the couple said they didn’t know the boy was so upset and the child’s parents said they had no beef with the couple for not handing over the ball.

Good for them. One day a kid thinks he’s entitled to a baseball and the next he’ll think the world owes him a living.

Yes, I’m exaggerating—a little.

But recently I’ve watched my own kids try tears and guilt when I told them they couldn’t get what they wanted. My 10-year-old turned on the waterworks when I told him he couldn’t have a stray cat he found. We already took in one stray cat a few years ago and you know who feeds it and changes the litter box. I wasn’t going to be suckered again.

For my older one, the issue isn’t baseballs or cats. It’s colleges. He has begun his college search and suddenly he realizes that he might not get in the school of his choice just because he wants it. He tried to blame me for his mediocre grades, but even he realized that was ridiculous.

I’m not heartless. I probably would have given the little kid the ball. But I congratulate his parents for teaching him that he isn’t entitled to it just because he wants it.

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