9 Top Remedies for Dry Scaly Skin

Having dry scaly skinis a problem of numerous women all over the world. This is a problem especially during the cold season because of the low temperatures and the low humidity levels of the air. While scaly skin is unattractive, it could lead to serious problems as well, such as bleeding, cracking, and infections.

Here are some of the top remedies for dry scaly skin:

On the cold days nothing feels better than a long hot shower, but this is like poison for your skin. In order to make your skin condition better, you should make sure to keep the baths and showers short, and you shouldn’t be using hot water either.

In case you spend too much time in water with your skin that is dry and scaly, it will strip the skin from the oils that are protecting it.

In order to make sure that the moisturizer that you are using for your skin that is dry and scaly manages to penetrate into the deep layers of the skin, you should exfoliate a few times per week. This way you can get rid of the dead skin cells.

Instead of the regular soap bars that you can find in stores opt for the gentle ones that are skin friendly. Another option that you have regarding the skin that is dry and scaly is to be using a liquid cleanser that is gentle.

Make sure that moisturizing is a part of your daily beauty routine. In order to get rid of dry scaly skin you should be looking for a heavier cream or ointment.

You are what you eat, right? This is especially true in case of your skin. This is why if you have skin that is dry and scaly you should make sure to have enough water on a daily basis, and your nutrition should include fresh fruits and vegetables. Also it is a good idea to consume fish, nuts and seeds that are rich in healthy fats.

Low humidity levels are bad for your skin, especially for dry scaly skin. This is why during the winter months you should be using a humidifier in your home and in your office, to make sure that your skin condition won’t get worse.

Although this isn’t the first thing that people think about when it comes to skin that is dry and scaly, it could help you a lot. Instead of the harsh dishwashing detergents, you could add baking soda to the dishwasher. You could also use this when you are taking a bath or a shower, because it is skin friendly.

This is another home remedy that you could use for dry skin. In case your skin is also itching, cornstarch could work like magic. You should add some to your bathwater before you get in.

Instant oatmeal added to your bathwater could also help you get rid of dry scaly skin, and it makes your skin smooth. Oats are rich in vitamin E.

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