Overfed and Undernourished

If you look around in any city in the United States, it is not hard to come to the conclusion that Americans are overfed. Obesity is rampant. It is our No. 1 disease.

Excessive weight leads to all of our major degenerative diseases. Heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and arthritis are most likely to be the result of years of accumulating unwanted pounds.

How can we expect anything else when Americans are drinking oceans of cola drinks and other sugared soft drinks? More than $60 billion are spent every year on soda pop. The late Dr. Robert C. Atkins believed that the heart disease epidemic started after Coca Cola was invented.

We spend many billions of dollars on ice cream, cookies, candy, gum, doughnuts, pies, pizza, bagels, potato chips, french fries, chocolates, and frozen yogurt. The common substance that these products have is carbohydrates, which turn into sugar, and too much sugar can cause havoc with your system.

With the consumption of all these foods, there is little room for a diet that can adequately nourish our bodies. In addition, the excess carbohydrates inevitably lead to overweight and obesity.

We help ourselves by making sure that our thyroid hormone is keeping our metabolism in an optimal state. This is the first prerequisite for maintaining an ideal weight.

Next, one must eat a well-balanced diet. You must have protein: eggs, milk, meat, chicken, and fish. Carbohydrates should be in the form of whole grains, vegetables, salad greens, berries, and fruits. Needed fats are essential fatty acids and monounsaturated oils, like olive oil and fish oils. Round out the diet with nuts, seeds, and legumes.

Americans must be more active. Television, computers, movies, automobiles, audio players, cell phones, and TV games lead to a sedentary lifestyle that has created many of our problems.

As an advocate of a healthy regimen, I feel that the best diet does not deliver all the nutrition that is needed for the best of health. You have to augment the optimal diet with high levels of antioxidant supplements, including vitamins A, D, E, and K. Large amounts of vitamin C and brewer’s yeast for the benefits of the B complex vitamins and minerals are also necessary.


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