Extended Collaboration

Still think that doctors can only work together with other doctors and medical personnel within the same hospital? With the help of online medical image storage solution, medical experts across the country can now help each other in solving problems and determining the best treatments to give to patients. How can this type of extended collaboration be achieved?

The answer to that question is medical image sharing. Online medical image storage solutions can basically be accessed from any remote terminal using a standard web browser and internet connection. However, only people with proper user ID and password can access related patients’ information.

When second opinions are needed, doctors in charge of the patient can simply grant fellow medical experts across the country access to related medical images and diagnostic results. With the information being highly accessible, doctors and medical experts can easily collaborate in diagnosing the situation and come up with the best possible treatment in no time.

Online medical image storage solutions have taken extended collaboration in medical field to a completely different level. Hospitals and medical institutions can now offer better services to patients with the support of top online diagnostic image storage and sharing solution available on the market.

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