Diet changes are necessary to get a six pack in six weeks

Diet changes are necessary to get a six pack in six weeks

July 16, 2012admin  

A flabby belly is simply caused by excess fat. If you want to flatten the stomach and get six pack abs, you will need to learn not only about exercises, but also about healthy food and intermittent fasting. The Primal Six Pack program has been created to help you strip body fat increasing your muscle mass and strength. It will not be an easy task, and you must be committed to do, because it will involve changing your diet. Of course, there are many useful recipes such as a primal six pack cheesecake.

If you cut out wheat products, it will make a huge difference to how your stomach looks in a week. Most of us eat the bread for at least one meal a day, but in reality many of us are somewhat intolerant to wheat. This does not mean that you get sick of eating, but many people distend when they eat wheat. We are so used to eating bread, however, that we ignore the symptoms. You should also avoid products made from wheat others, like pizza, cakes, cookies, donuts. Instead, consume more oats or quinoa.

Refined sugar is useless nutritionally. The reason we eat it because we’re used to. Do not use the sugar in your coffee, tea and breakfast cereals. If you really decide to flatten your stomach, you need to read labels to check what ingredients are included.

Losing weight and getting 6 pack abs involves intermittent fasting. When you fast for a period of 16-18 hours, your natural Growth Hormone is stimulated, making it more easily in future to lose weight. You should eat within a 6-8 hour window. But avoid all processed foods, and opt instead for vegetables, fruit, meat, cottage cheese, eggs and nuts. Use healthy recipes such as primal six pack cheesecake, that you know you will enjoy, and then you will not feel like you are depriving yourself.

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