Sambazon Warrior Up Launch Party!

Sambazon Warrior Up Launch Party!

August 12, 2010Xavier Pelsaert  

This week Sambazon Launched Warrior Up in San Diego, CA. It’s campaign that celebrates warriors of change – people like Rob Machado, Bob Burnquist, Seane Corn, and many others. Here’s some photos of the launch party. Thanks to everyone that came, especially our Sambazon Warriors who have contributed to much to this project.

Ray Barbee and the Matson II performed a great opening set!

Manu Scaarpa, Stephanie Bernstein ( To-Go Ware), Rob Machado (Rob Machado Foundation) and Jeremy Black (VP Marketing Sambazon).

Raw Food Chef Ani Phyo posses with her pup, her manager Kato, and Sambazon’s Scotty Nemeth.

Kassia Meador gets in character with a group of friends.

Sambazon’s Warrior Up photo booth inspired a whole ton of interesting shots – headdresses included.

Bob Burnquist and wife Veronica show us how they Warriored Up!

For all the photos, check out our flickr stream. And hear what Fuel TV had to say about the night!

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